A little bit about me. I was born and raised in Swindon in Wiltshire by Irish parents who both had significant trauma in their lives, my father although undiagnosed had PTSD and my mother suffered as a consequence of tuberculosis. I developed a passion for horses and at 16 went to the Talland School of Equitation where I stayed for three years. I learnt a lot about how to communicate with horses and in retrospect my own healing began. I went on to help various people achieve their goals in the equestrian world as a trainer and a rider. Several years later I began working with people with learning disabilities. I soon learnt that I not only had an ability to relate to horses I also could understand with great empathy the causes of human suffering. I went on to work in a residential unit for adolescents and became the Deputy Manager. This was fundamental and a pivotal point in my learning about how we suffer as a consequence of our experience and how we heal.

I am an accredited Core Process Psychotherapist, my main areas of expertise range from working with people who have an addiction or eating disorder, anxiety, depression, early birth work and those who feel stuck in their lives and need some support.

I am also EMDR trained

I am familiar with the guidelines of the UKCP and have a natural ability to be clear and set boundaries around my practice while also working ethically. I trained at the Karuna Institute to find out more click: www.karuna-institute.co.uk


  • Body Speech and Mind Awareness Therapy

    Confidence and the resources needed for life


  • Addiction Therapy

    Developing a comfortable and secure sense of oneself


  • Inner child work

    Relational trauma comes in many forms


  • EMDR

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing