The aim of working with individuals is for clients to gain confidence and the resources needed for life. I aim to create a nurturing environment where each client has the opportunity to be heard and supported around their process.  Working with the body, speech and mind helps us to integrate our whole selves and become aware of how we relate to ourselves and others together with the consequences of this. Also looking at how our experience has shaped us, how we can identify with this and become stuck in believing we cannot change which sometimes leaves us feeling hopeless and defeated.

The way in which we intend to work with this is by an inquiry, mindfulness techniques and relaxation to gain insight into our ways of being and sense of self constellations.

  • EMDR

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing


  • Addiction Therapy

    Developing a comfortable and secure sense of oneself


  • Body Speech and Mind Awareness Therapy

    Confidence and the resources needed for life


  • Inner child work

    Relational trauma comes in many forms