I have worked with Dita for two years, and he has treated many of my clients. He is a highly sensitive and insightful therapist who shows an ability to work effectively with clients of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

 Dr Mike McPhillips, Consultant Psychiatrist

I have had the privilege to get to know and to work with Mu’Dita for the last 18 months, and before I met him, his reputation had preceded him.  He is an excellant integrative therapist.  Experienced, kind, insightful, creative and ethical, Dita has a way with him that reaches people who are frightened of being reached, and working with them to feel safe and empowered.  His focus is to work with the person’s feelings so that the whole person gets well, rather than focussing on the symptom, a mistake so many make.  I am delighted to claim Dita as an resourceful and valued member of my team when he is not working in private practice.

Mandy Saligari, Founder and Director of Charter Daycare

Mu’Dita Farrell is a competent independent practitioner, a safe pair of hands. He is able to establish and hold appropriate relationships with clients, professional colleagues and caring agencies. He has 18 years experience of working as a professional in the caring industry. The client work I supervise is in the main long term. His previous employment however has given him a familiarity with brief therapy. He is comfortable with: 12 Steps, Task, CBT and Motivational Interviewing oriented techniques which occasionally appear in our work together. He has a particular skill in establishing therapeutic alliances with people whose history tend to make them suspicious, shocked or edgy in relationship. He creates pictures of possibility which enables clients to see potential in tight corners, cultivates their ability to reflect on their situation with compassion. It is a fluid professional skill that enables the client to see that someone is with them, alongside and conversely allows the difficult to be presented and reflected upon. He can work with early development issues of shock and trauma and deep existential issues of loss and grief. He is able to hold strong emotions of anxiety rage, fear and grief as they come in the room or in the transference. He has relational skills suitable for long or short term work.

  • EMDR

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing


  • Addiction Therapy

    Developing a comfortable and secure sense of oneself


  • Inner child work

    Relational trauma comes in many forms


  • Body Speech and Mind Awareness Therapy

    Confidence and the resources needed for life