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Since April 2020 I have been offering clients online therapy. I work with people in the UK and abroad. I am finding that individuals are benefitting greatly from the experience.

I appreciate that this does not work for everybody, so you might want an assessment to see if this platform works for you.

I use Zoom, which is a free service. It’s important that you have a space that is safe and confidential for this service.

I also advise that you use an Ethernet cable which plugs directly into your modem and computer for the best connection.

Headphones also offer a more personal and confidential experience.


I hold accreditation with UKCP and the EMDR Association UK, and am therefore bound by the professional codes of conduct as defined by them. This includes the responsibility to manage your information confidentially and in line with GDPR.

Confidentiality means that I will treat your personal information and anything shared in our sessions with the utmost integrity and respect, as well as in line with the governing bodies ethical guidelines.