Inner child work is a form of self-discovery that helps you access the child you once were, along with the experiences and emotions that child was taught to repress. The general idea of inner child work is that, if you make an effort to contact, listen to and communicate with, and nurture your inner child, you can find and heal the roots of your issues as an adult.

Some people are left feeling shame and or traumatised by their childhood experiences. Resulting in relational trauma and carried shame.

Relational trauma comes in many forms. Abandonment, neglect, sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual. Often people do not know they have been traumatised and go through life struggling as they cannot identify or name what they are experiencing. This can be due to believing that their experience was normal and even culturally acceptable. So they try as best they can to get on with their lives. Symptoms can be signs of depression, anxiety, mood and personality disorders, dissociative problems and addictions.

Due to the level of shame that often is associated with the trauma people also find it difficult to talk about, believing that they are bad in some way or they will be judged. The shame can be so crippling that the individual eventually becomes ill in some shape or form, this can also be somatic. I.e. developing regular infections, problems with their heart, liver, skin, bowels etc. This is not to say that everybody who experiences these illnesses have been traumatised!

Working with Trauma is a skilled process and needs to be worked with sensitively and carefully.